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What's OCW

  • OCW is an open and a free publication of formal course materials through the Internet.

Course materials

  • Essential components: Syllabus, Calendar, Lecture Notes
  • Other basic components: Readings, Assignments, Exams
  • Recently Lecture Video or Audio(including pod casting) have been provided in many universities.

Conditions for usage

  • Materials provided through OCW sites may only be used for nonprofit educational purposes, but as long as this is the object, the materials may be freely used, copied, distributed, translated and edited.
  • No pre-registration and no application process is required for use.
  • OCW is not a degree-granting or certificate-granting activity, so it will not entitle users to any qualifications awarded by the university.
  • OCW will not provide any faculty staff's assistance.

Question and Feedback

  • If you will have any question or trouble for use, please feel free to send e-mail to each university or JOCW.
  • Your feedback are also welcomed.


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